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It's 1:51pm Wednesday.  You have 9 minutes before your next appointment.
Do you:

  • Update patient notes?
  • Return a call?
  • Collect your thoughts and get ready for the next patient?
  • Call insurance to find the status of unpaid claims?
  • Call insurance to verify insurance, get authorization?

Aurora Asset Protection's Psych Billing Services are here to help!
We can handle your least favorite, yet most important functions...

Feel free to contact me to discover how we can get you paid for your efforts.

Do what you do best, Outsource the rest

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Professional Medical Billing Services

Outsourcing is a common practice when it comes to medical billing. Most practices will at some point find themselves outsourcing their medical billing to a professional medical billing service. Here are some reasons practices choose to outsource their billing.

  • It saves time. Medical billing is an immense task. My staff can take much of that burden off your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate on your practice.
  • It saves resources as your staff may not be able to focus effectively on your every day needs.
  • Hiring me will get your money faster and increase your monthly collections.   We “sit” on every billed service and make sure it is paid timely.
  • Most in house Billing & Collections Departments basically do the same thing; bill commercial insurance companies, Medicare and Medi-cal and wait for payment.  The difference is we ensure the majority of claims will be paid on time by verifying insurance, obtaining authorizations and getting on top of denials immediately.   We then review unpaid claims, determine if they are not paid within the expected time frame and resolve any issues.

The process is simple and the results will speak for themselves.

"Making Every Office Visit Count..."